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本文主要为您介绍英语范文关于名胜古迹,内容包括英语范文:介绍一名胜古迹,200字,找一篇关于名胜古迹的英语作文,80词左右,关于名胜古迹介绍的英语作文。故宫(Palace Museum,Forbidden City) Imperial Palace, also calls Forbidd


故宫(Palace Museum,Forbidden City) Imperial Palace, also calls Forbidden City, is bright, the clear two generation of imperial palaces, for our country extant most greatly most complete historic building group.The unequalled ancient architecture masterpiece Forbidden City occupying a land area of more than 720,000 square meters, altogether had palace more than 9000, all was the wood construction, the yellow colored glaze tiled roof-peak, the blue white stone foundation, played the part of by the resplendent in gold and jade green color painting.These palaces are along north and south to the axle wire arrangement, and launches to both sides, north and south cut-off, bilateral symmetry.Not only this axle wire passes through in Forbidden City, moreover south reaches Yongding Gate, north to the drumtower, the bell tower, passed through the entire city, the breadth of spirit has been grand, the plan was orderly, extremely magnificent sight.Constructs the scientists to think Imperial Palace's design and the construction, are really an unequalled masterpiece, its planar configuration, the three-dimensional effect, as well as in the form grand, majestic, is dignified, is harmonious, all may say is on rare.It symbolized our motherland glorious culture tradition, is demonstrating for more than 500 years ago the master craftsmen in the construction remarkable achievement。


The Great Wall of China:The Great Wall of China continues to attract millions of visitors from around the world. Many parts of this wall have been restored recently. Even then, certain parts are in a dilapidated condition. This wall was mainly built to prevent attacks from the Xiongu dynasty. It was continuously rebuilt and underwent maintenance particularly during the 6th century B.C. to the 16th century. This wall extends to a length of over 6,400 km! There are many areas of interest along the Great Wall of China such as the North Pass, the West Pass etc.Forbidden City:The Forbidden City is yet another famous place in China. This imperial place was built during the period of 1406 to 1420. Today, the Forbidden City holds the Palace Museum. This place also has some collections that are highly prized and valuable. The Palace Museum has a beautiful collection of over 340,000 pieces of ceramics as well as porcelain. Apart from this, there are some exquisite artworks and bronze work that dates back to the Shang Dynasty. It also includes over 30,000 pieces in jade from the Ming and Qing Dynasty.Dazu Rock Carvings:Listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Dazu rock carvings are a series of some exquisite works of religious significance. These exquisitely carved sculptures were carved in the 7th century A.D. The Dazu rock carvings are located in the Dazu County on a steep hillside. This place includes 75 sites and it contains over 50,000 beautiful statues. All these works have a deep meaning and are influenced by various cultural beliefs.Summer Palace:The Summer Palace is a beautiful palace that is located in Beijing, China. The Summer Palace is also on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list! The beautiful landscape design and the exquisite architecture are a few reasons why this place is so popular and revered. This beautiful structure can be accessed from various areas of Beijing.Mount Tai:Mount Tai has great significance and is one amongst the many famous places in China. It is located on the northern side of Tai'an. This place is known to have beautiful species of trees that are also of religious significance. At the foot of Mount Tai, one can see the Temple of the God of Mount Tai. This is also known as the Dai Miao or the Dai Temple built during the Qin Dynasty. 随便选个把。


This year, I may go to mount tai can be glad, start early in the morning. On the way there, I will hear people say, taishan is one of the four famous mountains, altitude is 1545 meters. Frighten my whole body cold sweat, so high, that year can climb over. There, at the foot of a lot of people and cheek by jowl, we in the crowd into the door, now already is 9pm was frightened at first we are very powerful, more climb the soft, climbing legs to the 18th plate, they climb, we dragged leg very not easy will go up, standing on top of the mountain, I think of du fu's poems, "be fiercely, see the mountains bullying small" came down from the mountain, I feel very tired. But climb mount tai hone my will. Mount tai can top still have what can be done?? As the saying goes to the Great Wall, and I should say: less than mount tai is not a true man! 游泰山的。


The Great Wall The Great Wall was first built in ancient China. It is not only a wall, but it is also a tourist resort. The greatest part of the Great Wall is in Beijing. It is called "Badaling". It is 7.8 metres high on an average. And it is 6.6 metres wide at the bottom while 5.8 metres wide on the top. The Great Wall is visited by thousands of people coming from different countries. A Chinese saying goes like this," You are not a true man until you get to the Great Wall."(不到长城非好汉) 2.这个稍长点! 万里长城在我国北方辽阔的土地上,东西横亘着一道绵延起伏、气势雄伟、长达一万多里的长墙。


长城是中国也是世界上修建时间最长、工程量最大的一项古代防御工程。自公元前 七八世纪开始,延续不断修筑了2000多年,分布于中国北部和中部的广大土地上,总计 长度达50000多千米,被称之为“上下两千多年,纵横十万余里”。

如此浩大的工程不仅 在中国就是在世界上,也是绝无仅有的,因而在几百年前就与罗马斗兽场、比萨斜塔等列 为中古世界七大奇迹之一。 准确地说,长城不只有一座。

在两千多年间,各代王朝在中国的北方修建了许多座长 城。其中,最"新"的而且也是目前保存最完整的一座建于中国明代(1368-1644)。


明长城翻山越岭,蜿蜒迂回于崇山之间。看见它人们不由肃然起敬,感叹在如此险峻 的地方使用数量如此众多而且巨大的建筑材料。

长城见证了古代中原农业文明和北方游 牧民族间剑拔弩张的激烈对抗。 明代长城是人类历史上耗费人力最巨,时间最久,物资最多的建筑。

这使它成为一件 最大的历史文物。在今天这个瞬息万变的世界,保护长城是文化遗产保护领域最具挑战性的任务。

Great Wall is in the northern part of our country on vast land, the thing spans is being continuous the fluctuation together, imposing, long reaches more than 10,000 miles long walls. This is regarded as in the world history of architecture a big miracle Great Wall. The Great Wall was our country ancient times a great defense project it is condensing our country ancient times people's strong will and highly the wisdom, has manifested our country ancient times the project technology extraordinary achievement, also has demonstrated Chinese nation's glorious history. The Great Wall was China also is in the world the construction time is longest, a resilience biggest item of ancient times defends the project. Starts from the B.C.E. 78 centuries, the extension has constructed unceasingly for more than 2000 years, distributes in the northern China and on the middle general lands, amounts to the length to amount to more than 50000 kilometers, is called it “about more than 2000 years, vertically and horizontally 100,000 miles”. Not only the so vast project in China is in the world, also is unique, thus in several hundred years ago on with the Roman arena, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and so on lists as one of Middle Ages world seven wonders of the world. Accurately speaking, Great Wall not only then. In during more than 2000 years, each generation of dynasty has constructed many Great Wall in China's north. Among them, most " new " moreover also is at present preserves most complete one to construct at the Chinese Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). The bright Great Wall is a structure huge complex border defense fortress, is continuous 6700 kilometers. It is the world greatest artificial miracle. The bright Great Wall goes over hill and dale, winds between circuitous Yu Chongshan. Sees its people by not to have profound respect for, sighed is so multitudinous in the so precipitous place use quantity moreover the huge building material. Great Wall testimony ancient times area south of Yellow River agriculture civilization and north between nomads at daggers drawn intense resistance. The Ming Dynasty Great Wall is in the human history consumes the manpower to be greatest, the time is most long, commodity most constructions. This causes it to become biggest historical relics. In today this fast changing world, protects the Great Wall is the cultural heritage protection domain most challenging duty.。


This year,I may go to mount tai can be glad,start early in the morning.On the way there,I will hear people say,taishan is one of the four famous mountains,altitude is 1545 meters.Frighten my whole body cold sweat,so high,that year can climb over.There,at the foot of a lot of people and cheek by jowl,we in the crowd into the door,now already is 9pm was frightened at first we are very powerful,more climb the soft,climbing legs to the 18th plate,they climb,we dragged leg very not easy will go up,standing on top of the mountain,I think of du fu's poems,"be fiercely,see the mountains bullying small" came down from the mountain,I feel very tired.But climb mount tai hone my will.Mount tai can top still have what can be done?As the saying goes to the Great Wall,and I should say:less than mount tai is not a true man! 游泰山的。


A Visit to the National Palace Museum-故宫博物院之游 Recently I spent over three hours looking, reading and enjoying the exhibits at the National Palace Museum located in the suburbs. Many local and foreign visitors go there daily to take pictures outside and spend endless hours inside. No cameras are allowed inside, but you can buy you can buy colored slides of the exhibits in the gift shop downstairs. There is a very large collection of beautiful jades. Also, there is an ancient bronze vessel exhibit. Some of the exhibits are changed regularly for special collections such as porcelain and silk paintings. My attention was mainly in the room with the wall-size slide show describing some archeological discoveries from pre-history tine. Also, the oracle bones' exhibit was very good; there seemed to be an endless amount of rare, beautiful, interesting, and fascinating things.。